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The mission of the Grain Valley Athletic Association (GVAA) is to provide a safe, fun learning environment for the youth of our community. We strive to create an opportunity for kids to work together as a team toward common goals. We emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for authority figures (Commissioners, Coaches, and Game Officials). While we are not a farm system for high school sports programs, we recognize the impact we may have on those programs. Our focus is on developing good life skills through the sports of Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track and Cheerleading. GVAA will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of its volunteer coaches, referees, or players from any Parent, Player, or Spectator. Spectators, as well as the players and coaches, are expected to abide by the code of conduct described here at all GVAA events. While most of the adults and children in the program will abide by this code without being instructed, it is being published to protect the children, the integrity of our program, and emphasize the values of GVAA. This Code of Conduct set forth below is not intended to limit the scope or application of any laws of the State of Missouri or of the City of Grain Valley, to the extent such laws, rules or ordinances are applicable.

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When: First Wednesday of every month.

Time: 7:00 pm

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GVAA answers to City's Q&A in RED - Sunday, June 29, 2014


Did the City actually take away all of the athletic fields from the GVAA?

A: No. The City decided to no longer grant the GVAA access to our baseball/softball fields only. The City did not withdraw the football fields.  The football fields are part of the usage agreement.  How can the city pick and choose which parts of the contract they will honor?

Q: Why did the City just take the baseball/softball fields away from the GVAA and not the football fields?

A: Routine maintenance expenses relating to field preparation are much greater for baseball and softball than football because of the longer season. For this reason, it made fiscal sense for the City to take back baseball and softball fields. Also, it should be noted that the City has never administered the youth football program. The GVAA has managed youth football since the 2007 season. Prior to 2007, youth football was managed by the Grain Valley Lion’s Club.  In addition, the GVAA currently owns all of the needed football equipment for the players (helmets, shoulder pads, etc.) and has the ability and facilities to continue to run a quality, youth football program.  The city has never run softball, yet they are taking it.  GVAA has the ability to run a quality baseball and softball program.  GVAA also owns all equipment needed for a baseball/softball program.  The city believes they will show significant profit by running the baseball and softball programs.  GVAA can provide a detailed breakdown of the financials for baseball. 

Q: If the City only took away the baseball/softball fields from the GVAA and not the football fields, why is the GVAA claiming that it can no longer provide youth football?

A: The City had this same question. The City was told by the GVAA that if it could no longer administer youth baseball/softball and receive the revenue from those leagues, the GVAA could no longer afford to administer the youth football program because money from each youth baseball and softball registration was going toward the youth football program to keep the football registration fees down and subsidize that particular sport.

The GVAA is the only youth, athletic association around that administers multiple sports.  Surrounding communities like Oak Grove, Blue Springs, Independence and Lee’s Summit all have separate associations for each sport.  For example, in Independence, the IGSA runs youth softball; the Queen City Athletic Association runs youth baseball; Pop Warner runs youth football; and the SAI runs youth soccer.  Each of these youth associations are self-supporting and financially able to stand alone.  GVAA has proven, for many years, which having all youth sports under the same umbrella, provides a better service for the children in the program.  Having different entities running each sport, not communicating with one another or working together, is not the best way to serve the families in our community. 

Q: Will the City provide a scholarship program or offer a discount for youth in our community that do not have the ability to pay?

A: Absolutely.  The City’s goal is to make sure that every child has the opportunity to participate in youth sports regardless of their financial ability.  GVAA has ALWAYS worked with families to make it possible for EVERY child to play.


Answers (continued):

Why was the GVAA created?

A: The primary reason the GVAA was created was because 10-15 years ago, the City did not have adequate staffing to meet the program’s needs. The GVAA was established to administer the youth leagues in the City. The agreement called for the GVAA to use the City’s athletic fields and reimburse the City a small money amount to help offset the cost of using the facility.  The city asked TJ Parra to create the GVAA because they were not able to run them.  This was stated in a Park Board meeting, in 2007.

Q: How much does the City require the GVAA to pay for usage of the athletic facilities for their leagues?

A. When the GVAA was established in the fall of 2007, it only ran youth football.  Over the next two years, the GVAA began overseeing youth soccer and youth basketball as well.  By 2009, the organization was administering not only those three sports but youth baseball and softball as well.  The City did not begin charging the GVAA for facility usage until 2010.  Per the facility usage contract, the City was only charging the GVAA 25 percent of all facility usage costs, which includes expenses like the material, equipment, fuel and labor needed to prepare the athletic fields and maintain restroom facilities, utilities (field lights, water/sewer), and any other ancillary costs directly related to the GVAA’s leagues.  The City also transferred equipment like pitching machines, portable mounds and soccer goals over to the GVAA at no cost.

The GVAA paid the City its agreed upon 25 percent reimbursement in 2010 and 2011, but in 2012, the GVAA informed the City that it could no longer afford the 25 percent reimbursement.  The City offered to reduce the amount owed contingent upon the GVAA providing financial documents, including 2010, 2011 and 2012 revenues and expenses. The City has not received the detailed financial reports as requested and recently learned that the state of Missouri had revoked the GVAA’s 501c3 financial status. The GVAA’s unwillingness to provide financial reports and the loss of the organization’s non-profit status led the city to question whether it had a good fiduciary partner in the GVAA and whether scaling back the relationship would be in the best interest of taxpayers.  As in this entire situation, the city is only providing a portion of the story.  All negotiations began when the city wanted to change the $7500 fee, GVAA paid in 2011, to over $30,000, in 2012.  GVAA was not able to pay that outrageous amount.  There was negotiations in 2012.  We asked the Parks and Recreation Director, Shannon Davies,  multiple times in 2012 and 2013 for the new agreement.  He stopped attending GVAA board meetings and said he did not have the time to work on the agreement.  Finally, in late 2013, GVAA President and Vice President were able to have a meeting with the City Administrator, Alexa Barton, and Parks and Rec Director, Shannon Davies.  At that meeting, GVAA did present their financial records.  We also asked the city to provide their financial reports, regarding where the tax dollars were being allocated to.  They said they would provide it to GVAA, but it has not yet been received.  GVAA’s 501c3 financial status was revoked due to the fact that their CPA had not filed the taxes that she had been paid to file.  Once GVAA became aware of this fact, they began to reapply.  The process is nearing completion and the 501c3 status should be restored very soon.

If the city believes the GVAA is not a good fiduciary partner, why would they want GVAA to continue to run all sports, except baseball and softball. 

Q: Are the youth baseball and softball registration fees going to remain the same?

A: No. Parents of Grain Valley youth will be paying less to play baseball and softball through our Parks & Recreation department.  The City’s registration fees for youth baseball and softball will now be in line with what surrounding communities charge.  GVAA has done everything it can to keep the registration cost, for all sports, as low as possible.  Comparing it to other communities is not comparing apples to apples.  GVAA can provide a financial statement showing that all monies going out is in line with the monies coming in.  This is a NON-PROFIT program.



Answers (continued):

Are any youth sports leagues in Grain Valley going to be dropped, forcing kids to sign-up in another community?

A: The City is going to do everything in its power to ensure that does not happen. The City will continue to work with the GVAA to assist where needed to ensure that the GVAA will still be able to administer youth football, basketball, track and cheerleading, but the City wants to ensure that those programs are administered in a fiscally responsible manner for our community.  The City’s No. 1 goal is to make sure that we continue to have strong youth sports programs in Grain Valley that focus on learning, teamwork and camaraderie, while providing an avenue for health and exercise. The bottom line is that the City is committed to fostering an environment that is both fun for children and fair to taxpayers.  Please notice the sentence stating the City’s No. 1 goal is to make sure that we continue to have strong youth sports programs in Grain Valley…  The key word in that statement is continue!  GVAA has provided a very strong youth sports program for the children, in our community.  The City has chosen to take that away over $962.  If the City was interested in providing a fun atmosphere for the children and more opportunity for the children, they would work with GVAA, instead of against it.

If you have additional questions or comments, please click here to send an email to our staff at 

Q:  Will the City and the GVAA be meeting soon to discuss the upcoming fall football season?

A:  Yes. The Grain Valley Mayor/Board of Aldermen, staff and the GVAA Board will be having a Special Work Session at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 30th at Grain Valley City Hall to discuss the upcoming fall football season.


GVAA VS City of Grain Valley - Saturday, June 28, 2014
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